Fake University set up by DHS for Student Visa Fraud Arrests

The New York Times posted the news article “New Jersey University Was Fake, but Visa Fraud Arrests Are Real” on April 5, reporting that a fake university was set up by the Homeland Security Department for a student visa fraud inspection.

The operation on Tuesday resulted in the arrests of 21 brokers who recruited students mainly from China and India to the University of Northern New Jersey. Most of the arrested brokers were naturalized citizens and legal permanent residents.

Some brokers even outsourced their clients from foreign nationalities to employers by fraudulent work authorization. Some also earned commissions from school officials.

A total of 1,076 are affected from obtaining student visas from the brokers. Some got jobs at Facebook and Apple with the obtained visas. Most of the visas will ultimately be revoked, said Sarah R. Saldaña, the director of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

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